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Vintage Houston - A Rare Glimpse at its Past #Houston #HTown #HTX

Traveling back in time with these old pictures I found in a box at my parents house, a friend of my mother had printed them from her computer and sent them via snail mail her. Houston is where they (my parents) were born and raised in the 1940's and 1950's in the Houston Heights all the way until the 1980's when we finally came to the country and settling in the community of Chappell Hill. I am sure my mother and father have a story to tell about these pictures but for today I haven't shown them anything yet because I needed to add context and plan on having a perfect nostalgia moment

#Houston #history #Texas #Htown #HoustonHeights
Welcome to Houston Gateway to the World

The billboards are ground level as I suppose as speed progressed in travels the need for it to be seen from further away, thus raising them higher, came into play.

This reporter was a reporter in Houston Texas for what seems like 30 years or more and would go to local restaurants with the Health Dept. and then blast their names across the evening news. In a segment just for this report he became quite famous for the line where he would exclaim that so and so restaurant "Had SLIIIIME in the ICE MACHINE"

The Shamrock Hotel in Houston, Texas was an 18 story 1100 room hotel that sat at then Main St. and Bellaire St. which is now West Holcombe Street built in 1949 is an example of Art Deco Architecture.

To the south was the hotel's lavishly landscaped garden designed by Ralph Ellis Gunn, a terrace and an immense swimming pool measuring 165 (50m) by 142 feet (43 m) described as the world's biggest outdoor pool, which accommodated exhibition waterskiing and featured a 3 story-high diving platform with an open spiral staircase.[1]

#houston #demolition #shamrockhotel #paigepotpie #paigekeatonart #Texas #history
Shamrock Hotel getting the wrecking ball in the Summer of 1987

The building fell into disrepair and was ultimately demolished.

#houston #texas #astroworld #paigepotpie #travisscott
Vintage picture of Astroworld in Houston, Texas

During the 1970's I was a kid in Houston and would go to Astroworld during the summers. I had older sisters and we would get dropped off at this gate on a hot Saturday with enough money for a ticket and 10 dollars to share with my sister. First thing we would do is hit up the Rainbow Bread store at the entrance. We would each get a mini loaf of bread and off to the rides for the day. Best times ever just running from ride to ride with no parental guidance. Life was good. I feel like I can see the Rainbow Bread store through the gates, I can definitely smell it.

#texas #houston #paigepotpie
Kentucky Fried Chicken

Original Recipe! Finger Licking Good! Original Kentucky Fried Chicken in Houston

This is a great shot of the area being cleared in Houston getting ready to run Interstate 10 through on its cross state construction.

#houston #Texas #sharpstown #vintage #photography
Sharpstown Shopping Center

LOOK how barren!

Things are much different in Houston these days that is for sure. Looks like it can be dated by the cars.

I want one of those cars. Look at downtown! HPD Headquarters #Houston #vintage

#Houston #Texas #vintage #Elvis #astrodome #paigepotpie
Elvis Presley at the Astrodome in 1970

Elvis is the perfect picture to finish this blog post with today. I have more to share and will as soon as possible but for now I have to move on to something else. Lots of pots to be stirred on this stovetop. This was fun to get all nostalgic about my hometown Houston. #Houstonian #Texas #astrodome

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Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
Sep 22, 2019

Another excellent post! These photos are pure gold! I remember hanging out in the Shamrock Hotel a couple times. The pool was amazing!!! Wish they had never torn it down.

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