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Vintage Houston #2- A Rare Glimpse at its Past #Houston #Htown #Vintage

Going to 7-Eleven in the Heights as a kid to get a Slurpee was a highlight when visiting my grandma and grandpas' house. Convenience stores were like Heaven to me back then with all the candy choices available I was always eyes wide open.

Vintage photograph of a Houston Texas

The cars were a ride I had to ride when I was small. They looked like so much like a real car I would imagine myself driving that little convertible round and round.

Classic flat Houston allows you to see for miles, now covered completely in concrete.

The Alabama Theatre is a historic movie theater located at the intersection of Alabama Street and Shepherd Drive in the Upper Kirby district of Houston, Texas.

The chain expanded into Houston in 1948 Joske's, founded by German immigrant Julius Joske[1] in 1867, was a department store chain originally based in San Antonio, Texas. In December 1928, Hahn Department Stores acquired the company along with the Titche-Goettinger department store of Dallas, and three years later Hahn became part of Allied Stores. Allied was taken over by Campeau in 1986, and Campeau in turn sold the Joske's chain in 1987 to Dillard's.[2] All Joske's stores were then quickly converted into Dillard's locations.