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Paige Keaton

 Snippet of Information about Me 

I am an artist, writer, historian, songwriter, and all-around positive person. I had been looking for a home base for my artwork, all of the writing I have done and want to continue to do. That has brought me to create my own website so here we are.

Thanks for checking in and hopefully you will stick around while I write through my blog about life and its struggles and how I survived it all, so far...dun dun dun. Did I mention I have a warped sense of humor?  What that requires from me is writing about it and I need to share the message of a positive future and hope for a recovering drug addict, food addict, addict addict, or just an addict.

There is hope. 

In the meantime, I hope to make you laugh out loud or feel something outside of yourself and maybe that can be contagious.

 If you are interested in having me paint a commission for you, please contact me and I  would be happy to consult. 

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