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History in Oil - Simon Theatre/Barnhill Center

Updated: Apr 27, 2021


Come sit with yourself tonight,

And count the beautiful things you've done this year

Have you made anybody's days more bright,

And did you wipe away a single tear?

When you found roses by the way.

Did you treasure them for their fragrance rare,

And sing a song of praise for the joyous day.

And a happy heart so free from care?

Come, see if you've been forgiving,

And find out what kind of a life you've led;

Have you sent sweet flowers to the living?

Or did you put them on the graves of the dead?

Come and talk with yourself tonight.

And tell how many beautiful' prayers you've said;

Have you offered thanks for His love and light?

And are you grateful for your daily bread?

Come meet your past with an uplifted face.

And as the old year dies can not you see

Your new life' must be like the Beautiful Place,

God meant that this wonderful world should be.


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