Mt. Zion United Methodist Church #History #Texas #Brenham

Updated: Jun 10

Easter Sunday 2021 I sold a painting of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in Brenham, Texas.

Erected in 1921, it sits in disrepair as the steeple is falling in on itself, and needs immediate attention. I drive by it every day and each time I make that turn towards home I have the same feeling of sadness watching it erode knowing it is a historical building and the damage I am seeing on the outside is nothing compared to the interior damage done to the steeple.

This church links directly to the Black history of Washington County and the strength that was shown and the courage that was mustered by the Christians in this town to find the highest hill to perch for a time of worship, singing their praises to God.

I get the overwhelming feeling that this church needs to be a top priority for the historical society and crowdsourcing funds for its revival needs to happen. Within feet of the Blinn campus, I find it hard to believe a project hasn't been put in place to