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History in Oil - BT Longhorn Saloon

This building has stood as a saloon and restaurant since it was erected in the late 1800s' according to the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps which were laid out when the cisterns were being placed in Brenham, Texas after the town burned down over racial differences in 1866. I don't know the exact date and if anyone has any information about this building I would love to add it to this blog.

You can still get a nice steak and a stiff drink from a wonderful staff when you visit BT. The handmade wooden bar is a sight to see and takes you back to the days of old with spindle work and mirrors.

During my research in the old Brenham newspapers, I began to make note of all the different saloon names and liquor stores that have been in our downtown over the past 150 years.

Brenham liquor stores and saloon names since 1843

Casino Saloon

Favorite Saloon

Joe Marek’s Liquor

Santa Fe Saloon

Opera House Saloon

Two Brothers Saloon

Bismark Saloon

Dixie Saloon

Oak Hall Saloon

Magnolia Saloon

Favorite Saloon

Opera Saloon

Ruby Saloon

Bar and Billiard-1876

Casino Hall-1898

Oak Hall Saloon-1898

Merchants Exchange

Marek's Saloon


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