Paige Keaton


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Current projects include:

History in Oil - Brenham, Texas

Painting historical buildings, churches, homes, barns,

and monuments while researching the rich history

to share with others through my blog







Houston Heights - A Century of Pictures

Documenting a trunk full of photographs, news articles,

and pure historian material from early America in Houston, Texas

that my beloved grandmother left behind and

I have taken as a message to put now into a digital format







My Personal Story of Recovery and Survival

Maintaining a 100 lb weight loss for a decade daily surviving,

understanding, and living with a

past, present, and future addiction in all of its forms 



Podcast for Personal Empowerment

Growing up with radio this format seems natural and

I want to share my story in hopes that others can find some truth

and understanding of just being a human and all that entails.