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The Struggle is Real: Naming Art

Updated: May 17, 2022

Do you name your art? Actually, title them, or write a lovely poem to go with your picture post for content? I...probably should, but I get too caught up with it and usually abandon the idea before I get all mushy.

After being asked by a cool couple that came by the house to pick out some art pieces that will hang in their wine lounge if I had named all of the art they were viewing, I realized nothing was named and numbering was probably not as smart an idea as it was lazy, so I named them according to the first thing that came to mind when I look at them.

"Cha-Ching" because it looks like you could pull something somewhere and the greased gears in this massive oil painting would start turning like mad-man pinball or a neon slot machine. Maybe it makes that sound in my head? It suits the painting and it's now officially named.

"Cha-Ching" Oil on canvas 48x60" $1500

art, khari mateen, oil painting, paige keaton, metaverse, nft, cha-ching
"Cha-Ching" Oil on canvas 48x60" Photo taken by Khari Mateen



This painting is large, and in charge! It took me forever to know when to stop with well over 50 hours of painting and at least 10 pounds of added oil paint it weighs a whopping 16 pounds in total.

I think it is fair to say we went through some things. What happens after hours of painting circles is therapeutic and calming because I am free to think and focus deeply on my inner thoughts. Layer after layer, I watched it dry so I could fix what I thought went wrong and then second-guess my new choices so I would then again have to watch it. dry for the next time I pull it from my walls.

Thick and Heavy

Complex and Complicated, but also whimsical, happy, creative, and out of bounds. I love this painting and it is priced so low I can't even look, but it was time to share, now go visit Mother.

"Mother" Oil on canvas 48x48" $1500

Artist, abstract, MOMO, Paige Keaton. Khari Mateen, oil pAINTING nft, metaverse, occulus
"Mother" Oil on canvas 48X48" Photo taken by Khari Mateen

"Her" was named by the first person that saw her other than me when she walked into my studio and said "I like him, and her" and so they were named. "Her" is pretty in pink and "Him" looks good in navy.

"Her" Oil on canvas 15x30" $350

art, abstract, MOMA, Khari Mateen, Paige Keaton, Metaverse, NFT, Oil painting
"Her" Photo taken by Khari Mateen

"Him" Oil on canvas 15x30" $350

oil painting. metaverse, paige keaton, khari mateen, artist, metaverse, occulus, art gallery, nft
"HIm" Oil on canvas 16x40" Photo by Khari Mateen

These four oils are currently hanging on the walls of a cool wine bar in Brenham, Texas named "Floyd's Wine Lounge" The place is the epitome of cool with a big round bar, luscious lounge furniture, and a great outdoor area.

I am happy to add atmosphere to this space. You can find. them located in the downtown area at night by the hot pink glow from the neon sign outside lighting up the streets. I am looking for the right light to capture an image to paint so I can add to my History in Oil series, Soon.

This is Floyd

Floyd's Patio

A welcome addition to the downtown scene a family-owned and operated business. Support local. Book a party, Plan a birthday. Stop by for a glass of wine. See you there!

Extra thanks to Jennifer and Pete

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