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Elton John "Caribou"

Elton John "Caribou"

SKU: 284215376135191

Do you have a request for an album? Let me know because I have a HUGE stock and may have just what you want or I can go scrounging around town for it. I can customize any order for you to create a spectacular showcase of album art that proves stunning when done with glitter! Just let me know and we can work together at creating the best layout for your specific needs.


 All album covers are original vintage covers. Records included in some cases, but not all.  If record is included I cannot guarantee it is not scratched, warped or cracked. 


This item is a glitter enhanced record album cover made from the original vintage album cover art.  Installing in groupings of 4, 6, 8, and so on looks amazing on a focal wall in a home office or studio. 

 Growing up as a child I only had vinyl to listen to on my record player and   I remember all I had to do while listening to this music was sit and look at the cover. That was all you knew about the music, that was the impression. I was always impressed and continue to be. Please come with me as I tickle your nostalgic bone with these glowing, preserved moments in time. These are not first editions in fact mostly are throw aways that are doomed for the dump or stacked on a shelf never to be seen. Look at these things! Loving the process and I hope you love the product as well. Contact me for requests. 


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