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Hawaiian Islands-Scrapbook of Vintage Photography from 1937 #Hawaii #PearlHarbor #History

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

I found this scrapbook among the stack of things I have from my grandmothers' things. It looks like something that was purchased as a souvenir. I thought I would post the pictures to share with the public because they somehow seem historical, dating back to 1937, just four short years before the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. This is the first of a series to post. The little book is still in very good condition and a special find. Enjoy.

Picture No. 1

Fort Street Honolulu

Looking online for a current picture from this view but it seems the street is now closed down and has been renamed Fort Street Mall for tourist shopping. The Aloha Tower in the background is a lighthouse that stands at the end of downtown Honolulu and has been in operation since 1926.

Early America in Hawaii #Hawaii #PearlHarbor #AlohaTower
Fort Street Hawaii looking on to the Aloha Tower


Diamond Head by Moonlight- Hawaii

#hawaii #DiamondHead #America #Vintage #history
Diamond Head by Moonlight - Hawaii

No. 3

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu Hawaii


Moana Hotel


Moanalua Gardens- Honolulu, Hawaii


Waikiki Hotel- Honolulu, Hawaii


Making Coconuts Hats- Hawaiian Islands

#Hawaii #vintagephotography
Making coconut hats in Honolulu, Hawaii

No. 8

Water Buffalo

No. 9

The Pali

No. 10

Pineapples at Harvest Time- Hawaiian Islands


Rice Fields - Hawaiian Islands

No. 12

Hula Girl with Outrigger Canoe - Hawaiian Islands


Holoku Hula - Hawaiian Islands


Aloho Tower - Honolulu, Hawaii

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