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Painting, Writing, Praying and Crying- A Portrait of Mindy Moses and How Her Life Touched So Many

Updated: May 2, 2021

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Family of Tray Moses

I have to stop painting as I go stepping back to reflect on the progress and allow my hands to rest, so I write, There are so many things on my mind about this picture that I love and, as I reflect upon the memories I have with each face in this photo, full well knowing and personally witnessing the light that Mindy Moses shone upon them, I weep. It cuts me to the core to imagine the loss. It has been about two years since I have spoken to Mindy and none less she has been the muse of two of my art pieces and sadly this is one of them.

She is hugging us all in this picture, her face is content and sure of the love she is surrounded with, seemingly hugging them back in gesture.

Having been blessed enough to be a part of her life and witness the genuine kindness she so easily shared with anyone and everyone I know she is already greatly missed and her loved ones are suffering heartbreak.

She was a legit awesome human being and I hear everyone saying how happy she was. She was...she was steadfast striving towards positivity, laughter, and a sense of togetherness. Loud laughter was always in abundance when Mindy was around you filling the air with pleasantries. I personally, being a comedian would try to make her laugh because she was the jokester, so you had to be good and I got her to roll a few times. Brownie points for me on those days. I'll always remember our jokes, I can't even tell them because I had to get "dark" to get the laughter I needed. If you ask I will tell you in person. Everything ain't for everybody, ya know.

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Adrienne, Mindy, Angela, Vicki and Allison or Cassie depending on the night

So Mindy is gone and now to heal and try to remember her as she left the Earth. An angel. There must be something big about to happen in Heaven for God to need to pull her from us. She is a Christian and I can guarantee you she was greeted at the gates by the youngest little country bride and groom there because they heard the bell ring. All with the biggest smile you have ever seen, and I can promise you she fell to the feet of Jesus never to look back... We will see the pearly whites again when it is our time to go and I know that you know that she knows that we all know we will find her shining the streets of gold when we get there, greeting everyone she meets, getting them right where they need to be, a fully satisfied angel.

Cool Cat Mindy

She left behind some big footprints to fill in the best way ever, Who wouldn't want to be like Mindy Moses? If you had to build a good character and needed great traits to learn by as far as how to treat others, how to treat your husband, how to be a great mom and the best friend then look no further to your confidant and true friend overflowing with kindness. Let's do that. Let's all practice what Mindy lived by daily. She is so important for the impression she left behind. Let's all be more like Mindy.

I am ready to paint again through my blurry eyes full of tears for this loss. I pray as I paint that I can find the likeness in her that everyone knows, actually asking Jesus to put her in there because I can't. I feel like I have no control over the process at times and stepping back to look helps me know where to go next with my brush.

As much as I am touched by the friendship here and this photo as it has me by the feels, the one thing that gets me in this picture and I bet it has never been seen is behind Mindy stands Tray and he is a proud man to be standing where he is with all of his closest friends and love of his life. Mindy obviously knew this and even in this picture I see at the bottom that Tray has extended his leg, reaching through the pack, being sure to make contact with Mindy letting her know he's there. That's it...once I realized who's jeans I was painting after comparing to the photograph I can't stop shedding tears. That one blue patch of paint has me sobbing with the knowledge of the love and connection this couple shared with each other, and I would see it when we were all together. Oh Tray I am so sorry she is not here anymore and I want you to know that you good sir got the best wife in the world and although she has been taken so soon, you have that love that is yours to keep. Treasure it forever and it sustains and will be pressed into the hearts of your family forever.

We will miss you, Mindy.

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