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On The History of Brenham and Washington County- Texas History #WashingtonCounty #BirthplaceofTexas

This excerpt is taken from the writings of Mrs. R. E. Pennington book

"The History of Brenham"

Finding this text online was the game-changer for me once I began looking into its history and painting the buildings I was inspired to write more because all in all, it was the little things she wrote about that I appreciated the most. She was very detailed and by all accounts the nosiest lady in town because she knew a lot and probably only wrote about a little. She once lived in a home that sits where the Simon Theatre is



Nearly seventy-two years ago, in the glorious spring- 
time, when Texas was a republic, life began for Brenham 
in a beautiful post oak grove, where native song birds 
sang wonderful melodies to fragrant flowers that bloomed 
on the surrounding prairies, and where quail, wild turkeys, 
prairie chickens and deer scurried away, frightened at the 
approach of the settlers. The grove was a princely gift, 
and good women honored a hero when they gave the new 
town the name of Brenham. People with inherent love of 
liberty, the Christian religion, education and progress came 
and built homes and were blessed with health, happiness 
and prosperity. The little place advanced along steady and 
sure lines, but with all the sunshine there were some shad- 
ows, too. During the civil war many husbands, fathers 
and sons donned the Confederate gray and marched away; 
and some of them never returned to the firesides where 
afterwards sat the sad widows, mothers, daughters and 
sweethearts. Those who came back had to rehabilitate their 
broken fortunes and establish anew their households. Great 
calamities came with the awful yellow fever, and with the 
big fires arid two storms. The sturdy city overcame its 
difficulties ; and with unfaltering courage has forged to the 
front until it can point with pride to commercial connec- 
tions, railroads, modern stores, industries, estimable women 
and business men of unquestioned integrity. It is one of 
the most important little cities in the interior of Texas, 
and physically, financially, intellectually and religiously it 
is really a Beautiful Brenham. 



These are some interesting links I found along my way through these paintings. I hope you find them as interesting as I have and look forward to having a conversation about them with you soon. Happy reading.

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