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Mad Hatters Tea - A Benefit for Women's Center in Brenham,Texas 2009 #Catering #MadHatter #HighTea

A catered event my mother and I organized for the Women's Center in Brenham, Texas 2009. The event was held at the Chappell Hill Museum. The cast and crew of volunteers that helped pull this together have not been forgotten. I found this stack of pictures while organizing a bunch of fabric the other day and needed to get them online for others to enjoy. They weren't doing any good in that box. This was in 2009. I hope you enjoy the album of photos.

Mom and I worked for months on this tea. She somehow agreed to take charge and as you can see, she takes her commitments seriously. She makes a binder for everything she is planning and this was a multiple binder event. The fabric swaths and tea cups and saucers were so bright and cheerful it was bound to be a wondrous event and it was enjoyed by all who attended that day.

I bet we made 500 scones with 3 different flavors. I was sconed out to say the least. We had to haul it all over there and make this antiquated hall look and feel whimsical. We did it. All of jellies and jams with clotted creams galore, sugar cubes . Mom handmade a stack of table cloths and scoured the earth for 3-tiered food displays. Tasting teas and deciding on two was tedious but we were up for the task. Her home is still full of teapots from this event.

Oh boy it turned out gorgeous! I hardly remember it today. It was one of those times in life when you work and work and work, then get right up to the point of completion and tragedy strikes.

As we finished working on the decorations for the day we got a call from my dad that he felt like he was having a heart attack. We dropped everything and went to his side. The doctors found he indeed was having a heart attack and needed open heart surgery right then. That night he underwent quintuple bypass surgery. My mother stayed by his side and asked if I would fill in for her role on the big day. There was no question, I had been with her up to this point in the planning. I know her style more than anyone and have been her sidekick for years planning events. This was a big one though and I couldn't mess it up.

The day went off without a hitch. My daddy survived and is still here today. All of the men and women that came together was amazing and these pictures bring back the joy and togetherness that we once were as a church body. Missing some of the faces in the pictures as they have since passed from this Earth. I am happy to have this reference to these beautiful people we have lost. May they rest in peace,

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