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History in Oil - First Baptist Church Chappell Hill

“First Baptist Church Chappell Hill” in Texas is the foundation in which my parents' hopes, dreams, faith, and ultimate dedication is built upon. From sitting in front of my childhood home fireplace, where they still sit after 58 years together, with 4 other couples and a stack of bibles starting a bible study/prayer group, they stuck together and grew it from that, to this, over time and villages of people that came and went with love and care. My mother and father were able to lay their hands on the steeple before it was raised and my dad still mans the door as a deacon every Sunday at almost 82 years old. My mother finally retired from many years of service as organist and church secretary and every other position there was to volunteer her service. Sunday school teacher and VBS teacher. I remember when she and her best friend Ann Bevers had a vacation bible school in our front yard the first year we moved to Chappell Hill for all the little kids running around in 1981 in a town of 100. It was hot and there were no kids but me and a handful of others but that did not matter she loved glitter and glue as much as she loves Jesus and never stopped. My mom loves 🌈rainbows and if seemed perfect to add to this at the last minute. She will approve. Painted with oil alla prima on Belgian linen 16x20” Please feel free to tag yourself if you or someone you know was a part of the transitions this church body went through over the years.

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