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Hawaiian Islands 1939- Photos Hidden in a Trunk for 75 Years #PearlHarbor #Hawaii #History

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

As I drove my 82 year old father to his Pulmonary doctor this past week I took the opportunity to ask him about this book I am writing about and sharing with you. I asked him "Who went to Hawaii?" He thought about it for a second and said "Lester", his Uncle the brother of his father Lester Keaton who he would later in life open Keaton Plumbing in the Houston Heights with.

He went to Hawaii as a plumber working for the military a few years before the attack on Pearl Harbor and brought back this pack of photos that are numbered and labeled.

Someone made a book out of the cards, with a little decoupage hula girl on the front. I don't think it was bought like that. Someone made the book once back on the mainland to display the pictures from Hawaii. Lucky to have it and loving looking up these places online to compare locations. I will try to link as best I can.



King Kamehameha - Honolulu


Banyan Tree - Hawaii



City Hall - Honolulu



Poinciana Regia - Honolulu



Night Blooming Cereus Hedge - Honolulu



Iolani Palace, Capitol Building - Honolulu



Federal Building and Post Office - Honolulu



Honolulu from Aloha Tower



S.S. Lurline and Aloha Tower - Honolulu, Hawaii



Bishop Street and Honolulu Harbor



Diving Boys, Honolulu Harbor



Lei Vendors - Honolulu



Royal Hawaiian Band - Frank J. Vierra, Bandmaster 1938


No. 14

Hula Dancers

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